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1 - Configure

... any of your supply chain business processes in a no code environment

Design your digital supply chain process twin (steps, sequence, RACI, etc.)

Create your organization twin

Connect your tools and systems

2 - Launch

... your concurrent supply chain processes

Add a drumbeat for each team or cluster within your organization

Select their frequency, starting date and attach relevant information

Enjoy getting all future activities automatically populated with just the right people based on their business roles

3 - Run

... your supply chain operating model efficiently

Check the end to end status real time

Manage by exception

Dive into any sub part and get all the contextualized information in one place

4 - Sustain

... your process like it is still day 1

A new team member?

Just plug her business role(s) and she will be automatically pulled in the right steps

A change in the organizational structure?

Just update your organization twin and Metronome will dynamically update future processes

A step is not necessary anymore?

Just remove it and decide when the change should be implemented

5 - Improve

... your Operating Model standards

Gather improvement suggestions from all your team members into your log

Include them into your ways of working by creating more advanced business process versions

Implement the improvements now or later, for all or part of your organization based on needs, readiness and maturity

6 - Roll Out

... with controlled process deviation

Duplicate one business process into another part of the business

Expand to any supply chain business processes into a part of the business, such as:

. S&OP and IBP
. Demand Planning
. Supply Planning
. Inventory Planning
. Logistics and Distribution
. Purchasing....

Control the level of process harmonization (what is global v regional v local) balancing scale and agility easily

7 - Audit & Report

... to the rest of the organization

Review all your business processes history

Who did what and when is now automatically captured

Check your business process efficiency

Focus on leading process indicators and not only on lagging KPIs.

Consolidate all your business process leading indicators in one source of truth

Because we don't want to be another tool on top of what you already have.

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