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April 19, 2022
5 min

7 Ways Your BPM Can Deliver Productivity Gain

7 ways your BPM can deliver productivity gain

Business process management is a powerful way to automate and manage work activities.

BPM utilizes various methods to ensure optimum outcomes. BPM does this by efficiently enabling the execution of common patterns and steps required to achieve one goal.

Business process management is a holistic and systematic approach to achieving optimized workflows and outcomes.

We will see how in this article.

Business process management helps to increase productivity through better process efficiency (imagine automating some tasks, or replacing long mail threads with a spreadsheet attached, with a quick form on your smartphone that sends the info exactly in the relevant field into your systems).

BPM enables process analyses to be carried out constantly; therefore, ambiguous tasks that add no value can be identified and eliminated.

Proper BPM implementation in an organization enables employees’ alignment and flexibility to change. Through BPM utilization, changes can be easily pinpointed and adopted. We will see how to increase productivity through BPM in this article.

7 Ways BPM Tools Increase Productivity

1. By Enhancing Team Collaboration

Team collaboration in a company is essential in ensuring that business productivity thrives. Organizations that have team collaboration innovate faster, correct mistakes easily, and find a better solution to problems. That helps attain increased productivity.

The utilization of Business process management platforms provides an excellent framework that encourages cooperation between teams. It facilitates communication across departments so the team can interact efficiently. A good BPM tool integrates process and task management into a contextualized digital workplace environment.

2. By Increasing Efficiency

Organizations need to make their business workflow smooth and efficient. Business process management practices examine the key business processes and update them for effectiveness and efficiency. BPM allows the organization management and employees to work with a greater understanding of each task.

The BPM tool can act as the first agent to chase people to perform their tasks. This helps when people are busy and simply forget to do some activities when they are not fully trained, and ultimately cuts down human errors. It enhances knowledge of new processes and tasks to ensure a smoother workflow. Increased efficiency and automated manual tasks improve productivity.

3. It Increases Opportunities for Continuous Improvements

Business process management tools help organizations identify new opportunities to improve processes and strategies. BPM provides the managers with viable information regarding the business process refinement opportunities.

Business process management tools ensure that the business decisions regarding new opportunities are backed with evidence-based data so that managers can increase their reliability on the new process.

4. BPM improves Visibility of Processes

Business process management is essential in the monitoring processes, from initiation to completion of a process. Using BPM, managers can monitor the performance progress of each business process and manage the work by exception. By studying performance, managers can gain a better understanding of business activities. That allows them to come up with strategies to modify and enhance the flow of each process; therefore, the overall business process improves in its performance.

5. Cost Reduction and Cost Avoidance

Implementing business process management software supports cost reduction and cost avoidance. For example, BPM reduces errors and miscommunication through error-proof information capture and automated integration into the relevant systems. Another vivid example is fast-growing companies that may need to replicate their ways of working across geographies and markets.

Without a BPM tool they may need to create an additional management layer to ensure consistency and operational excellence for customers. BPM solutions can help scale without becoming more bureaucratic and less time efficient.

6. Improve Customer Experience

Business Process Management software can provide insight into critical customer processes. For instance, digitalizing the customer onboarding process can lead to issue resolution before disappointing customers, at the very beginning of the relationship between the two parties.

7. Identifying Employee Gaps

For the proper functioning of a company, all teams and systems must work in a coordinated way. Employee lack of training or necessary skills can hinder the efficiency of the resolution of a process. BPM can support the proactive or reactive identification of skill gaps.

Proactively, the business process management solution can distribute work activities only to whoever has the necessary skillset. Reactively, the BPM can highlight for review all activities that have been done out of standard or by a non-skilled person.

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