Understand Metronome's core features

Thanks to Metronome's data model, teams of any size can manage and sustain their business processes, operating models and projects, no matter how complex.


Make your work processes happen as per your preferred frequency and timeline nudging your team members to do the right things at the right time with everything in one place.

Business Template

Leverage your business template library made of your best practices adapted to the local needs. Your standards should not be offline documents disconnected from the real activities.


Provide relevant and unclutter user experiences based on user roles and responsibilities so that they only see what they need to know.


Save large amount of time by letting the administration of your key work processes to Metronome. We take care of the work you hate and let you focus on higher value tasks such as decision making.

Organization Twin

Create your organization replica with its business structure, its roles and responsibilities. Once setup you can let the system dynamically deploy work activities across sites, products, clients and anything that is relevant to your without wasting your precious time.

Continuous Improvements

Manage your process improvement efforts by building onto the discipline that are already in place and schedule when these improvements should be activated. Improvements ideas don't get lost anymore.

System Agnostic

Metronome provides a collaborative tool to run your business processes - all managed by one common UI - bringing in one place everything your team need to run its work activities.

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