Accelerate your speed to market with your digital project manager companion.

Save time and ensure compliance
for all your projects in your pipeline.

Why Metronome?

Make sure your projects progress.

Progressing through your gates depends on the orchestration of cross functional stakeholders, Metronome enables it 24/7.

Save time & reinvest it.

Employees enjoy a better work life balance and a reduced cognitive load.

Invisible for most.

Make sure team members do and share their work without the administrative burden.

Don't reinvent the wheel, leverage your reusable and flexible project management templates

Make sure everything happens as per your project workflow and gates from the kick off to the actual product on market.


Let Metronome orchestrate automatically your meetings and tasks through the project gates based on the rules you set.


Full visibility of what is going on within your organization whether you have one or thousands of parallel projects. Manage by exception.


Our no code platform allows you to setup your project standards digitally in a flexible manner. Powerful updates just takes minutes with no IT involvement.

No code
Rapid Implementation
Easy to use!

Your work as project manager should not be to chase people

Forget old times where the standard project workflow was offline in Powerpoint and the project manager needed to spend most of his time doing administrative tasks to keep the project progressing.
Metronome does the admin work (and much more) for you so you can focus on what matters most.

Industry Grade
Dynamic & Resilient
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