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Adapt in seconds to events
affecting your operations.

View, prioritize and reorganize workload
by dynamically calculating ETA given constraints and latest events.
And dispatch work instantly to the right resources.

Introducing Metronome

A decision aid platform augmenting your supervisors.

Real-time optimization for complex operational sites to identify the best possible course of action given resources and work on hand.

See live ETA and resources usage

Get a live and accurate digital twin of your network

Predictive ETAs given the current rules and prioritization

Deep dive into each order, vessel, patient journey… to see the history and how they are planned going forward

See where you need to decide

Receive alert whenever you are behind

See alternatives to get back on time considering parallel activities

Balance resources to remove bottlenecks and stress

Push the updated plan to every party in seconds

Dispatch activities instantly on desktop and smartphone

Provide context, insights and more to everyone in seconds

Track live execution progress


Scan your data and continuously replan with the latest information.

Integration APIs your ERP, CRM, APS, WMS and in house systems.
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Use Cases

Explore what you can do with Metronome


Warehouse Staffing

Live matching and allocation of resources to area and jobs


Vessel and Barge Planning

Continuous planning and decision aid arbitrage for a port.


Patient Routing

Dynamic routing of patient through healthcare centres and hospitals.


Baggage Management

Dynamic matching of baggage to assets, agents, and airport routes.

50+ use cases

See more

Our flexible platform allows for a wide range of orchestration use cases.

Revolutionize your
agility and resilience
with Metronome