Do you want to improve and maintain your Supply Chain performance?

Most organizations and teams are finding it difficult to maintain end to end process synchronization over time.

Key challenges faced by Supply Chains

Supply Chain Leaders know well what their organization should be doing, but struggle with the consistent execution of their operating models due to the cross-functional nature and complexity of their work.

Scattered Data & Systems

Administrative Burden

Conflicting Priorities

Silo Optimization

Lagging Indicators

Our Mission

"Help Supply Chain leaders to be more proactive and enable their team to execute their processes effectively and sustainably over time."

Digital Management Orchestrator

Make sure everything happens as per the plan with the right people doing the right things at the right time. Leverage smart features and automation to alleviate the challenges leading your teams to deviate or simply stop doing what is important.

Save up to 50% of your time!

Your work should be easier

People responsible for recurring processes or complex projects requiring cross-functional collaboration can save up to 50% of their time.

Be more productive

Don't spend long hours administrating your work processes and capture status updates with ease. Don't waste time chasing your colleagues.

Foster best practices

Deploy your local best practices to the rest of the organization leveraging the ability to create templates that can be configured in a few clicks.

Compliance made easier

No need to check you are sticking to standards, our system does it for you. And you can decide what you want to capture and how from your different stakeholders at any steps.

Let your digital process twin work with you

Metronome is built with the ability to map the always evolving relationship between users, roles, customers, processes, your company's footprint and anything that is relevant for your organization.

Dynamic pacing

Automate the generation of your future process steps such as tasks or meetings pushed directly and only to the relevant stakeholders based on your desired frequency and rules.

Scale at ease

Whether an activity needs to be performed once or a thousand times due to a duplication for every single customers or products within your organization (or anything else!), just set it up and forget about it.

Operationally resilient

Our no-code configuration wizards allow you to update your evolving ways of working without any IT involvement.

Get your real time qualitative cockpit

Metronome provides managers and leaders with a personalized real time pulse on all activities happening within the business and insights on their effectiveness.

End to end processes visibility to manage work by exception

Synchronization of your physical, remote and distributed teams

Adherence to your best practices aligned to your corporate objectives yet tailored to local needs

Typical Results

KPI Performance

Improvements in Forecasting Accuracy, Inventory Levels and Service Levels leading to P&L bottom line improvement from Supply Chain.

Process Effectiveness & Adherence

Increased process effectiveness and adherence, processes actually get done with full visibility and compliance to agreed standards.

Reduce Firefighting

Reducing internally triggered firefighting with more proactivity and a more stable production plan.

Team Workload

Reduction of 10 to 50% of workload for supply, demand planners, S&OP managers as well as Supply Chain Directors.

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