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Software for Supervision and Orchestration

We provide technology to continuously plan and dispatch work, optimizing available resources for time sensitive operations.

1-week setup
50+ use cases
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Introducing Metronome

When plans hit reality, efficiency declines.

In an increasingly uncertain and complex world,
we reconcile the imperatives of planning with the reality of operations.
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Perfect plans will be challenged

Even the most amazing operational plan can be obsolete in seconds.
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Dispatching work is daunting

Continuously reallocating work to resources is difficult and slow due to silos and dependencies.
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Firefighting is stressful

Manual workarounds suck time and energy. Just to reappear the next day.
Fulfil your commitments efficiently and on time.

Drive Execution,
Deliver on Time.

Meet your customer expectations with the necessary agility to optimize operations and face uncertainties in compliance with best practices.
+10 to 60%
Deliveries on Time (OTIF), whether it is an order, a container, or baggage
+5 to 20%
Asset Utilization, by continuously improving today’s resources allocation
-50 to 80%
Meantime to Decision, in light of arising changes and issues
up to 20%
CO2 emissions reductions, by optimizing critical paths in real time
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Gain agility and resilience against uncertainties

Three packages, One platform. 50+ Use Cases.

Supervise and act fast

To ensure that activities and exceptions are managed through supervision and distribution of processes to the right people with the right data as defined by experts.

View work progression, status, and ETA

Identify workflow bottlenecks

Balance workload

Automatically dispatch and schedule work activities

Collaborate and alert

Stakeholders now receive instant and relevant updates about the status of their processes, enabling immediate adaptation to ensure timeliness for my customers and enhance operational efficiency across my various sites. No more delays and manual activities to inform everyone of the new plan.
Thibaut Flamant
Head of Production

Order Tracking

Supervise the end to end progression of your orders in time.


New Product Intro

Launch product on time and reduce time to market.


Lean Routines

Foster operational excellence by making it easy to perform recurring activities.


Stock Alert Management

Balance your working capital where you really need it using ABC segmentation.

50+ use cases

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Our flexible platform allows for a wide range of use cases.

Run repeatable and sustainable processes

Oversee the end-to-end execution of advanced cross-functional business processes, to enable efficiency with compliance.

Monitor process execution and adherence

Trigger processes given rules and frequency

Bring latest training and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

Identify bottlenecks and balance workload

Collaborate with local and central teams

Deploy new and updated processes in minutes

We've created a digital process library with customized versions for local requirements. Each planner and manager receives guidance on the "next best action" for their daily tasks, ensuring important things are consistently accomplished.
Check A.
Global Capability Lead - CoE

Reference/SKU Change

Manage product changes to avoid last-minute urgencies.


Top 5 Best / Worst KPIs

Assign key deviations to stakeholders to act proactively.


Real Time Procedures

Provide procedures to operators given rules and competences.


Masterdata Change

Supervise the master data update to ensure a single source of truth.

50+ use cases

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Our flexible platform allows for a wide range of orchestration use cases.

Adapt in seconds to any changes and events

Real-time optimization for complex operational sites using AI and Graph Technology.

View work progression, status, and ETA

Identify workflow bottlenecks

Balance workload

Automatically dispatch and schedule work activities

Collaborate and alert

Optimize, replan and route continuously

We are now reorganizing our operations in real-time following any changes, a new order or an unexpected issue. For this, we needed decision support that provides the perfect execution plan considering the constrained resources available now.
Picture of Martin Bysh, CEO at Huboo
Martin Bysh

Warehouse Staffing

Live matching and allocation of resources to area and jobs


Vessels and Barge Planning

Continuous planning and decision aid arbitrage for a port.


Patient Routing

Dynamic routing of patient through healthcare centres and hospitals.


Baggage Management

Dynamic matching of baggage to assets, agents, and airport routes.

50+ use cases

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Our flexible platform allows for a wide range of orchestration use cases.


Gain agility and resilience against uncertainties

Metronome integrates with your existing operational processes, providing them with the agility needed to optimize operations and adapt to unforeseen events.

Real Time Control Tower Plugin

Convert all available data into flows and processes.

Dynamic Workflow Selection and Scheduling

Trigger and prioritize the right processes and steps with a rule-based engine.

Automated Matching with Stakeholders

Push information to the right people to strengthen focus on what’s key.

Proactive Customer Communication

Secure customer’s satisfaction and communication, highlighting issues and providing context.

Integration with your ERP, WMS, APS

Integrate with your in house and market leading software packages.


Feeling like something is missing from your ERP, WMS and CRM?

Metronome builds a collaborative layer for execution and end-to-end visibility across systems managed by siloed teams.
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"We needed a solution to help us anchor and scale our operations at Huboo. Metronome makes it effortless for everyone in the organization."
Picture of Martin Bysh, CEO at Huboo

Martin Bysh

CEO, Huboo

"With Metronome, my sales teams receive automated alerts whenever a production is late, so they can proactively find solutions with their accounts, also they know in 5 seconds who to speak to in my team."

Thibaut Flamant

Head of Production, Vinovae

"This provides me with a real time process digital twin. It promotes process compliance and consistent data capture, which is extremely valuable."

Keith Emmerson

Head of Fulfilment & Demand, Kinnerton