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We help Logistics Hubs streamline and stay competitive.

Metronome was born out of an observation: inefficient utilization of resources can lead to astronomical costs, missed opportunities, and ultimately, loss of competitive edge.

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Our Mission

Every hour a staff or asset sits idle or underutilized, it's not just wasted potential—it's lost revenue and increased operational risk.

Our mission is clear: offer a better solution for operational teams in CAPEX intensive companies who need to continuously right-size their resources.


Rightsize Hubs.

We facilitate capacity planning and workload balancing for Logistics Hubs with high volatility.
Multimodal Transportation
Plans and allocate orders to corridors and assets dynamically, prioritizing the most efficient transportation modes.
Aircraft Critical Paths
Optimize the rotations of vehicle fleets and operator's squads in the highly demanding context of aircraft critical path.
Value Add Logistics
Optimize warehouse CAPEX by orchestrating human and automated operations with precision from routine jobs to live tasks dispatch.

We are Metronome

We care deeply about the quality of our work.
Julien Broucke  
Cofounder & CEO
Frederic Husser
Cofounder & CTO
Ali Saheb
Cofounder & CPO
Tam Thu
Ewen Petton
Farrah Szewc
Olivier Delomez
Kevin Sieg
Alexandre Barelle
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We're hiring!

Whether an open position fits your role or not, get in touch, we are always on the lookout for talents.

Our endgame.

Build the ultimate platform for logistic operators to manage,
share and optimize their CAPEX.
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Supply Chain Process Execution Software that helps manufacturing companies anchor their routines for sustained operational excellence.

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Metronome is the Adaptive Capacity Planning software that helps CAPEX-intensive companies streamline operations and stay competitive.

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Going forward

The Leading Capacity Platform that helps businesses grow faster through efficient planning and incremental revenue generation from Supply Chain.