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Forecast Capacity & Analytics
Labour & Resource Planning
Transportation Management System

Vessels and Barges Planning

Optimize planning and decision-making for maritime and rivers operations.


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Service Level


Capacity Usage

Match boats to orders to routes under constraints.

The objective of the logistics team is to always get the right boat (tugboats, barges, containers) at the right location at the right time to minimize delays with cost under control.

However, there is only a limited number of barges, each barge can only be used for some products, they have a specific constraints (routes, tonnage, speed…). And many things are thrown at the logistics team every day: asset failures, production changes, absentees, yet customers requirements and timeline are unchanged. As such, any planning would soon decay, requiring frequent updates.

Metronome helps match stock, boats, human resources and production batches to serve customer orders by continuously planning throughout the ebbs and flows of the day.

The solution supports the planning department with a cloud based plugin to their production planning system in their ERP, a smartphone app to track execution on the ground and a bespoke dashboard for the leadership on a big wall.

In summary, we facilitate exchanges with fleet operators and take away the need for any excel planning work. On top of that, the data we collect is aggregated over time to help you leverage valuable insight to build cases for strategic investment decisions.


Turn these ON
for this use case

Metronome is the single platform to plan, dispatch and execute work.

Dynamic Resource Allocation

Rapidly reorganize staffing, not to waste man-hours and capacities.

Execution Driven Replanning

Trigger automated replanning with new constraints from the ground.

Cost v Carbon Solver

Select the desired metrics to optimize, from cost to carbon emissions.

Load Balancing

Redirect volume and activities dynamically to alternatives.

Schedule & Planning

Algorithms to continuously schedule and combine work given latest constraints.


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Metronome integrates with your software and in house systems.




API Integration



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Metronome is a software for efficient, real-time planning and dispatch of operational activities, excelling in agility for time-sensitive tasks.

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