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Dynamic Execution
Labour & Resource Planning

Airport Cleaning Rightsizing & Planning

Allocation of cleaning resources to specific flights and airport locations.


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Capacity Used




Time Spent Planning

Deploy work dynamically to the best resource fit under constraints

The objective is to always get the right agents  doing the right activities to secure flight departures on time.

However, there is only a limited number of trained agents, each having their own demonstrated performance per operations. And many things are thrown  at the logistics team every day: flight delays, absentees, asset failures.

As such, even a planning prepared in the morning may need reworking at lunch, otherwise capacity is gone forever. Metronome was set to offer a continuous planning system to help match agents to cleaning tasks given certifications and competences.

The solution supports the supervisor department with a cloud based plugin to XOPS and an app for smartphone to track execution on the ground.


  • Having the right number of resource and competences every day to clean aircraft
  • Ensure cleaning team are formed and positioned optimally on airport based on timing and requirements
  • Facilitate exchange and sync between agents and managers without paper-based processes

Turn these ON
for this use case

Metronome is the single platform to plan, dispatch and execute work.

Dynamic Resource Allocation

Rapidly reorganize staffing, not to waste man-hours and capacities.

Execution Driven Replanning

Trigger automated replanning with new constraints from the ground.

Schedule & Planning

Algorithms to continuously schedule and combine work given latest constraints.

Load Balancing

Redirect volume and activities dynamically to alternatives.

Workload Dispatch

Algorithms to deploy right work to best fit resources.


We connected a few tools in this case

Metronome integrates with your software and in house systems.


XOPS Integration





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