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Dynamic Execution
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Airport Baggage Routing and Agent Allocation

Get luggage to the next flight right on time.


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Baggage on time


Capacity Usage


Decision making time

Guarantee travelers' bags reach their final destination on time.

Misplacement or late delivery of a bag has a great cost on flight operators as they are subject to penalties under the Montreal convention.

However, this issue is not a simple one to fix with the currently available tools. In fact, the complexity lies in having the right agents (with appropriate competences, training, and certifications) at the right location at the right time to take luggage individually or in group.

There is only a limited number of agents, trucks, routes through the airport, conveyors, and they have specific constraints and availabilities. And many things are thrown at the ground service team every day: flight changes and delays, absentees, yet traveler requirements and timelines are unchanged.

As such, any planning is short-lived and needs constant updating by supervisors.

Metronome offers a continuous planning system to help match agents, trucks, routes in order to get luggage to follow their owner to the final destination. This means real time status of every baggage (ETA to their next flight) and enabling a smoother communication with ground workers. As an added bonus, the need to plan in Excel is removed, so less risk and manual tasks.

The solution supports the planning department with a cloud based plugin to XOPS, a smartphone app to track execution on the ground and a bespoke dashboard for the planning team/leadership.


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Metronome is the single platform to plan, dispatch and execute work.

Dynamic Resource Allocation

Rapidly reorganize staffing, not to waste man-hours and capacities.

Execution Driven Replanning

Trigger automated replanning with new constraints from the ground.

Workload Dispatch

Algorithms to deploy right work to best fit resources.

Schedule & Planning

Algorithms to continuously schedule and combine work given latest constraints.

Load Balancing

Redirect volume and activities dynamically to alternatives.


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Metronome integrates with your software and in house systems.


XOPS Integration



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