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Forecast Capacity & Analytics
Labour & Resource Planning
Transportation Management System

Multimodal Transportation and Container Logistics

Plan and allocate shipments to corridors given timing, carbon emissions and containers availabilities.


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Containers Visibility


Empty Containers


CO2 Emissions

Find out what the best route is for a given shipment moving in your ecosystem

Your goal is to always get shipments at their destinations on time while using the most economic and carbon efficient modes.

However, there is only a limited number of capacities, available containers, and fluctuating timings. On top of that, many things are thrown at the team every day: delays, new urgent orders, unknown rail shutdown etc... As such, even a plan prepared in the morning may need refining later in the day, due to dependencies between assets, containers, and routes.

Metronome was set to offer an adaptive planning and execution system to match shipments to containers to corridors and modes. It enables you to prioritize the right mode(s) to balance cost, service and carbon emissions, ensuring empty containers routing is set to a minimum. You also gain full visibility of coming shipments and containers thanks to a  facilitated exchange and automation between parties.


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for this use case

Metronome is the single platform to plan, dispatch and execute work.

Load Balancing

Redirect volume and activities dynamically to alternatives.

Scenario Planning & Analytics

Gain analytics and run scenario to find opportunities.

Dynamic Resource Allocation

Rapidly reorganize staffing, not to waste man-hours and capacities.

Cost v Carbon Solver

Select the desired metrics to optimize, from cost to carbon emissions.


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Metronome integrates with your software and in house systems.




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Metronome is a software for efficient, real-time planning and dispatch of operational activities, excelling in agility for time-sensitive tasks.

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