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Dynamic Execution
Labour & Resource Planning
Human Execution System (MES for skilled workers)

Dynamic Scheduling for Highly Skilled Teams

Advanced scheduling for skilled workers using their inputs and demonstrated performance.


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Production Compliance





Maximize production compliance by optimizing resource contribution

Modeling an entire organization and allocating tasks efficiently to skilled contributors can be a complex challenge, especially when capacity fluctuates over time.

When working with individuals with expert skills such as craftsmen, surgeons or consultants for example, you need to make sure you have a good understanding of their capacity based in order to be able to build a meaningful plan. You have to make it easy for them to tell you if something doesn’t work for them or if they face any sort of issue or delay. Thus, no matter what, you are aware and can make the necessary changes.

Metronome provides a point of entry for your teams to either directly input into it, or we can connect to any other system that they are already used to working with. Once updated data is available, we can re-schedule as you need, maintaining the link between planning and execution always. With time, you will gain insights on performance by role or individual to better match tasks, increasing quality and both team and client satisfaction.


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for this use case

Metronome is the single platform to plan, dispatch and execute work.

Dynamic Resource Allocation

Rapidly reorganize staffing, not to waste man-hours and capacities.

Load Balancing

Redirect volume and activities dynamically to alternatives.

Scenario Planning & Analytics

Gain analytics and run scenario to find opportunities.

Execution Driven Replanning

Trigger automated replanning with new constraints from the ground.

Workload Dispatch

Algorithms to deploy right work to best fit resources.

Schedule & Planning

Algorithms to continuously schedule and combine work given latest constraints.


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Metronome integrates with your software and in house systems.


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Metronome is a software for efficient, real-time planning and dispatch of operational activities, excelling in agility for time-sensitive tasks.

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