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Dynamic Execution
Labour & Resource Planning

Interventions Planning for HVAC technicians

Schedule, track, and optimize activities and service calls.


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Plan and allocate jobs to technicians

The objective is to always get the right agents doing the right interventions on time for customer satisfaction.

However, there is only a limited number of trained technicians, geographically scattered, each having their own demonstrated performance per operations.

And many things are thrown at the team every day: tools missing, supplier delays, absentees, or customers not at home.

As such, even a planning prepared in the morning may need reworking at lunch, otherwise capacity is gone forever.

Metronome was set to offer a continuous planning system to help to match agents to HVAC interventions.

The solution supports the planning agent with a cloud based plugin to their intervention platform, connected to the app already in use by technicians on their smartphones.


  • Having the right number of resource every day to perform all scheduled interventions
  • Facilitate exchange and sync with technicians and customer service agents
  • Ensure technicians have an efficient planning given their competences and constraints such as location.

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