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Dynamic Execution

Airport PMR Vehicles Optimization

Enhance passenger experiences and reduce fight delays.


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Allocate agents to passengers requiring PMR vehicles.

The objective is to always get rapid support for passengers with mobility challenges. Getting them at the right gate at the right time with great care for them and for the benefits of the rest of the passengers who can fly on time.

However, there is only a limited number of PMR vehicles and staff, each have specific constraints (location, seats, speed…).

And many things are not going as planned every day: vehicle not in the right location, breakdowns, flight delays, trained agent absenteeism.

Metronome was set to offer a continuous planning system to help match PMR vehicles with passengers and airport services agents.

  • Have real time status of PMR vehicles, agents, and passengers to facilitate the dispatch
  • Facilitate exchange and sync with passengers, agents, and airlines
  • Real time visibility of PMR vehicles' location

The solution combines a web-based platform for supervisors and an add-on to the legacy app already used by agents on the ground.


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Metronome is a software for efficient, real-time planning and dispatch of operational activities, excelling in agility for time-sensitive tasks.

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